SHC seeks reports on actions taken to curb target killings in Karachi

Karachi: The Sindh High Court SHC, Chief Justice Mushir Alam, on Thursday ordered rangers and provincial police department to produce reports showing details of action taken by them for curbing targeted killings in Karachi.

Chief Justice Alam has sought a report from law enforcement agencies containing details of action taken by them for maintaining law and order situation in the city since Supreme Court’s judgment in Karachi law and order case issued on October 6, 2011.

The chief justice has directed rangers to produce detailed report regarding raids conducted by them which include the names of arrested accused, date of their apprehension, recoveries made, rangers official who arrested them and name of police officials to whom custody of arrests was transferred.

The chief justice also directed police to submit detailed report showing the name of accused arrested, date of arrest, nature of offence, recoveries made and FIR lodged against those accused. He also ordered police to apprise the court of the officers against whom penalty was imposed for failure to perform duty and also details of penalty.

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