SM protest against valentine day at Sher Shah Road

Peshawar: Activist of Shabab-e-Milli SM on Tuesday held a protest demonstration against the valentine day at Sher Shah Road opposite Cantonment Railway Station.

Holding a banner and party flags inscribed with different slogans against the valentine day, the protesting demonstrators gathered there and shouted their full-throat slogans.

Hamdullah Khan, general secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami JI district Peshawar, Shahzad, president SM district Peshawar, Rashid Maseeh, JI minority wing and Sadaqat were leading the protesters.

Talking to reporters, Shazad said that celebrating valentine day was unIslamic and immoral, and the western countries, he added want to spread it through a conspiracy in all Islamic countries.

He said the aim and objective of observing the day was tantamount to promote vulgarity and immorality in Islamic societies by the western world. He added that they had launched awareness campaign among the masses against the day and the protest demonstration was a chain of the campaign.

The government, SM district president said should ban on such immoral and unIslamic activities like valentine day.

He informed that SM on February 14 would continue their supervision and point out to Capital City Police Officer CCPO Peshawar wherein the programmes arrange regarding valentine day.

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