Sports: Boxing: Akram vows to drag POA chief to court

Karachi: Pakistan Boxing Federation PBF Secretary Akram Khan, who has been sidelined in the new but controversial setup, has vowed to drag Pakistan Olympic Association POA chief in court for approving allegedly bogus elections of PBF.

POA chief Arif Hasan has recently said that PBF elections were at par with the constitutions of the federation.

But according to Akram, Islamabad’s local court has ordered to stop the bogus elections as several of the federation’s affiliated units showed apprehensions.

“POA is not above the court of law and we would certainly produce POA chief’s comments in court as approving the elections, which has been rejected by the court, is itself contempt of court,” Akram said.

Akram said that international boxing body AIBA has itself showed apprehensions about the elections of PBF and has summoned President Doda Khan at its headquarters in Lausanne Switzerland on 12th February to clarify his position.

“Elections of PBF have not yet been recognized by AIBA and the case is still in the court of law. So I think POA’s approving the elections is a grave mistake,” Akram said.

Akram also said that Arif Hasan will have to clarify his position in the court for approving PBF elections when the case is in the court of law.

Akram also alleged POA for forming bogus federations citing the example of Pakistan Cycling Federation PCF. The international cycling body has refused to recognize PCF.

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