Teachers urged to focus of students’ future

Karachi: Dr. Mohammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) has said that the role of a teacher should be like a mother, who is nurturing and caring her child without wishing any reward from him in the future.

Addressing the faculty members of Sindh Madressatul

Islam Boys Model School Sindh Madressatul Islam Girls Model School on

Thursday, Dr. Mohammad Ali Shaikh said a good teacher always thinks about good education of students not for his/her personal benefits. And it has also been observed that the good and dedicated teachers have always received rewards and benefits without any demand.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Shaikh while congratulating the 20 teachers of SMIU’s model schools, who received promotions, on the basis of the Time Scale policy, a few days ago, said that these teachers were deserving the promotions, but due to the shortage of funds, the institution failed to take decision in this regard, but fortunately when SMI received some amount after its up gradation to the level of university this year, we decided to promote our teachers, who have rendered their countable services for the quality education and betterment of the institution.

Dr. Shaikh said that amongst the promoted teachers, seven teachers got 19 grade, three teachers 18 grade and 10 teachers 17 grade. “In return, the institution only demands quality teaching from them, because Sindh

Madressah possesses a high profile in the quality education before and after the partition.”

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