Tension escalated on Pak Afghan Torkham border

LANDIKOTAL: Tension escalated on the Pak Afghan Torkham border. Three children reportedly died of severe cold across the border on Afghan side, sources said.

The Afghan security forces again tortured two Pakistani, a driver and conductor hailing from Bara, Khyber Agency, near Pole Charkhi first post in Kabul, the driver Yar`Khan and the conductor Lal Gul told media at Torkham here on Friday.

The security forces closed the border in reaction from 10 am in the morning till filling this report hereon Friday.

Negotiations betwen the border security officials failed repeatedly regarding the opening of the Torkham border. Humialiation of the Pakistanis can no longer be tolerated in Afghanistan, the Pakistani side negotiator of the security forces made it clear to the Afghan side border officials.

The FC colonel Mushtaq and TehsildarTorkham Meraj Khan represented the Pakistani side while Nisar Ahmad and Niamat Ullah led the Afghan side to settle the tension through negotiations but they could not reach any reconcialtions or conclusion to settle the issue.

Thousand of people on both sides of the border including women and children suffered too much in the extremely cold weather and in the rain in the meanwhile for many hours. Later security forces of both sides asked the standing by people to go back from the border.

NATO supply, logistic supply and transit goods’ trucks had made long queues on both sides of the Torkham border. In the meanwhile three children reportedly died of the severe cold on the Afghan side of the border.

Only serious patients and dead bodies were allowed on the border to be carried. The conflict can be solved on the very high level, an official of Pakistan told media, saying the misbehavior of the Pakistanis can no longer be tolerated in Afghanistan.

The two tortured driver and conductor regretted that they were taken into the post at Pole Charkhe and were beaten with rifles’ butts and wounded, adding that their Pakistani identity cards were torn and their money amounting sixteen hundred Afghani was also snatched by forces.

They also told that the forces belonging to Northen areas of Afghanistan were misbehaving with the Pakistanis, which has grown up with the passage of time.

It is worth mentioning that the other day some unknown armed persons had taken revenge upon the Afghan nationals near Torkham and Michni post for the torture meted out to ninteen Pakistanis in Afghanistan on December 22.

The Pakistani border officials told that it was not fair on the part of the Afghan security forces to torture or humiliate or misbehave the Pakistanis.

The Pakistani counsel general also contacted the Pakistani border officials for getting updates on the situation developed on the Pak Afghan Torkham border.

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