Weather conditions, fog affects PIA flights

Karachi: Prevailing weather conditions, dense fog, zero visibility at Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and adjoining areas, the schedule of PIA flights departures and arrivals remain affected, PIA Spokesman said here on Monday.

Due to heavy fog at Lahore and adjoining areas, the schedule of PIA domestic and International flights is affected now being subject to weather as safety is the foremost priority of PIA and flights cannot be operated under such weather conditions when the visibility is zero.

PIA flights were affected due to Fog: PK 306 Karachi-Lahore of 23 December diverted back to Karachi, the flight PK 306 departed on 24th December. Similarly, PK 796 Barcelona-Lahore, PK 348 Karachi Rahim Yar Khan were also diverted back to Karachi due to fog and poor visibility at the destinations. Due to persistent bad weather at Faisalabad with no indication of improvement from MET office, PIA cancelled its flights PK 340 and PK 341 Karachi-Faisalabad-Karachi and passengers were informed through PIA Call Centre accordingly on December 24.

The weather pattern at Lahore improved from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There is less fog and better visibility for landings and takeoffs of the aircraft and most of the domestic and international flights are arriving and leaving during this period. Flight Pk789 to Toronto and PK 721 to New York may be affected due to fog.

The weather reports from MET Office indicate that Lahore and adjoining areas weather may again be engulfed with heavy fog late evening bringing the visibility to zero; therefore, it is expected that the flight schedule of evening and late night flights to and from Lahore and adjoining areas will change.

Passengers are requested to contact the PIA call centre 111786786. It may be mentioned that at times if the flight is diverted for safety reasons due to non visibility some of the passengers refuse to disembark the aircraft creating commotion which further aggravates the situation. Such passengers are requested that these arrangements are made for the safety of the passengers and they are requested to cooperate with the staff on such occasions.

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