Immunization termed must to stop childhood mortality

Karachi: Senior journalist and TV anchor Talat Hussain on Friday said saving one life is a great service to humanity and health journalists were doing great job in this regard.

He expressed these views while addressing a one-day workshop on topic: “Media Sensitization on Routine Immunization and Child Healthcare”, held at a local hotel. The workshop was organized by Civic Action Resources in collaboration with Extended Program on Immunization (EPI), UNICEF, World Health Program (WHO) and other donor agencies.

The man objective of national media sensitization project for engaging health reporters working for local and mainstream media is being launched to provide them opportunity to share their knowledge and learn about immunization issues.

Talat said health sector have been suffering whenever natural disaster occurred in the country. He said health should be counted as central beat reporting in print and electronic media. He said there is no other service above saving the life of human. The role of health reporters in society is appreciable in this regard, he said.

Talat said there is strong need to establish and implement a sensitization effort to engage health reporters across the Pakistan to help understand immunization issues for increased reporting and awareness among communities.

Dr Durrey Naaz said EPI Program is a disease prevention activity which was aimed at reducing illness, disability and mortality from childhood diseases. She said these diseases are referred as 9 EPI target diseases and cause millions of ailments, disabilities and death every year.

She said immunization is one of the most successful and effective health interventions. It has eradicated small pox, lowered the global incidence of polio so far by 99% and achieved dramatic reduction in illness, disability and death from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and measles. She said these initiatives will help to understand the local dynamics of reporting health and immunization issues.

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