City: APAKA keen to hold protest rally in front of SC

Islamabad: The All-Pakistan Alliance for Katchiabadis (APAKA) and the Awami Workers Party Islamabad held a series of public meetings over the weekend with hundreds of participants in katchiabadis around Islamabad to plan for the upcoming rally in front of the Supreme Court on the 4th of June.

The rally is being held in response to the CDA’s continued campaign of intimidation, harassment and forced eviction of katchiabadi dwellers around the Capital.

The Rally aims to draw the Supreme Court’s attention to the violation of residents’ constitutional rights by depriving them of their homes through dubious legal directives.

The Rally also aims to call upon the government to allocate resources towards low-income housing in the upcoming national budget.

The meetings took place in I-11, H-11, Musharraf and Maskeen colony G-8, I-10, I-9, H-9, France Colony F-7, 100 Quarter F-6 and Muslim Colony, Bari Imam.

Large numbers of women were also present in the meetings, in which Muslim and Christian slum dwellers participated side by side.

The participants in the meeting discussed the strategy for the upcoming rally as well as the plans for mobilizing thousands of slum-dwellers from across Islamabad to demand the recognition of their rights.

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