Inquiry Commission on Forced Disappearances traces 56 missing persons

ISLAMABAD: The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances has traced 56 missing persons since January 01, 2011, whereas cases of 1303 missing persons are under investigation.

The Commission headed by Supreme Court’s former senior most judge Justice Javed Iqbal and comprising the members Dr Ghous Muhammad and Muhammad Sharif Virk (IGP ), has been continuing investigations in the cases of Enforced Disappearances.

On Jan 01, 2011, 138 cases of Missing Persons were transferred to the Commission. During Jan 01, 2011 to October 31, 2014, 2128 new cases were received by the Commission, enhancing the total number of cases to 2266, out of which 963 cases have been disposed of and current balance of the cases under investigation in the Commission is 1303.

During October 2014, hearings were held in 113 cases of alleged enforced disappearance at Islamabad, while 124 cases were heard at Karachi. Consequent to these hearings 61 cases were disposed of as under.

According to the data: The number of traced persons is 56. The number of closed not being case of Enforced Disappearances is 03,. Two cases were deleted from the list due to other reasons.

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