Military Court: (Pakistan’s military courts ‘extraordinary move’: foreign media)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s decision to lift a moratorium on capital punishment and try the terror suspects in military courts reflects the government’s strong resolve to defeat terrorism and is ‘an extraordinary move under extraordinary circumstances’, foreign media said.

The international media in its editorials and articles is highlighting the setting up of military courts as a big blow to the nefarious designs of militants, ensuring their speedy trial and punishment.

Khaleej Times in its editorial titled ‘Pakistan’s military courts’ has said that this move has been overwhelmingly welcomed by all sections of society and even a couple of political voices who take an exception at military courts believe that there aren’t many options left in this critical hour.

The Gulf’s leading paper said that Pakistan’s fight against terrorism has entered a crucial phase and it neither has a choice nor the luxury to step aside and ponder over its policies, as it confronts a deadly enemy.

“Now as culprits on death row are hanged and suspects tried, authorities have to ensure that the vigil is not lifted and the security agencies succeed in hauling up all unscrupulous characters without any bias or discrimination,” the paper suggests.

Khaleej Times said that it has to be ensured that wheelers and dealers who have acted as patrons for the extremist elements are also rounded up, and a speedy trial is conducted to prosecute them, accordingly.

The newspaper said the trend in the judicial fraternity, especially among a section of the lawyers, to plead the cases of potential suspects who had been convicted by lower courts should be discouraged, and should be considered as an anti-state activity.

Britain’s daily Telegraph also narrated the ending of moratorium on capital punishment and execution of six convicted terrorists as part of the government’s renewed campaign against terrorist groups. It mentioned the announcement of new military courts as a step to fast-track trials of terrorist suspects.

China Daily Online in its published item by Xinhua news agency titled ‘China Supports Pakistan’s National Anti-Terror Plan’ reported that China lauds Pakistan’s efforts to establish a national counter-terrorism plan.

The Indian newspaper Times of India wrote about Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to set up military courts for terror-related cases and highlighted it as part of an ambitious anti-terrorism plan.

The leading American newspaper Washington Post in its article said Pakistani authorities are now taking exceptional steps with a major military operation against the militants and a vow to rein in radical propaganda.

It said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government and the military had agreed on 20 steps to tackle the terrorist threat and mentioned trying of terrorism suspects in military courts, blocking the use of social media and other forms of communication by terrorists, and establishing a 5,000-member paramilitary force to fight militancy.

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