Textile is an engine of growth: Abbas Khan Afridi

Islamabad:,,, The Ministry of Textile held a consultative meeting to take suggestions from the industry on forthcoming Textiles Policy 2014-19.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Textile Industry, Mr. Abbas Khan Afridi and it was attended by Chairman Standing Committee on Textile Industry, Secretary, Ministry of Textile Industry.

Chairmen of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, Pakistan Ready Made Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Filament Yarn Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association and the Denim Manufacturers Association; to name a few.

Options to add value to the different sub-sectors of the textile supply chain and to contemplate on schemes to maximize and utilize new technology and machinery in the industry, introduce more product lines and work on market diversification and stress sustainable development.

The stakeholders also discussed various issues relating to energy, product diversification, encouraging investment, trainings and improved factory floor management.

The major focus of the industry was on solving day to day problems faced by the industry, and inconsistent government policies, especially with regard to sales tax and refund scheme.

They unanimously demanded that the textile sector should be exempted from sales tax as the system of refunds was riddled with corruption. Stakeholders of the value-added chain further stressed that the government should view the textile sector as the basis from which all other industry has been established in Pakistan.

They supported the Ministry’s goal of doubling the rate of value addition which is currently at conversion of one million bales into $ 1 billion.

The Minister in closing remarks added that textile is an engine of growth for creating employment and increasing exports. He also added that this sector may not be seen for revenue collection only. The stakeholders were of the view that if the proposals put up by the industry are accepted then the country can easily double its exports in a few years.

The Minister assured that coming Textiles Policy 2014-19 would address the genuine concerns of the Industry with innovative and out of the box solutions.

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