Sports: 8 matches decided of junior tennis tournament

Islamabad: On the 2nd day of ATF/PTF Junior Tennis Tournament eight matches were decided at S.Dilawar Abbas PTF Tennis Complex, Garden Avenue, Islamabad.

M. Mudasir, Syed Nofil Kaleem, Zaid Mujahid and M. Muzamil moved into the semifinals by beating their respective opponents. The best encounter of the day was played between 2nd seed M. Muzamil and Ilham Khan in a well contested three set match 5-7,6-3,7-6(4). While all the other seeded players won their matches in straight sets.

In the consolation matches Aman Atiq beat Mir Shahzaib at score 6-1,6-1 while Hafiz Arbab Ali beat Mahin Aftab at score 6-2,6-2.

In the doubles final top seed M. Musasir and M. Muzamil will face 2nd seed Zaid Mujahid and Abdal Haider tomorrow. M. Mudasir / M. Muzamil beat Alina Aftab and Mahin Aftab at score 6-2,6-1. While Zaid Mujahid / Abdal Haider beat S. Nofil Kaleem / Ilham Khan in a well contested three set match 4-6,6-2,10-8

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