Traders call for removal of digital meters which are cause of exorbitant billing

Islamabad: NEPRA should take urgent notice of IESCO’s digital meters which are main cause of exorbitant billing as these meters are running at a faster speed and thus generate more units than the actual consumption of electricity.

This was said by Khalid Chaudhry, Central Information Secretary of Traders Action Committee and Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while addressing representatives of various markets.

He emphasized that NEPRA should get these digital meters checked from an accredited lab and IESCO should be directed to immediately replace them to save the consumers from unnecessary financial burden. He said WAPDA record reveals 8 percent line losses of IESCO, which is incorrect.

He said the speed of digital meters is more than 30-35 percent as compared to normal meters and thus IESCO has found out an easy way to overcome its more than 40 percent line losses by installing such meters.

Khalid Chaudhry further said that Traders Action Committee got inspected some digital meters from an authentic laboratory which showed their faster speed than the normal ones. He said if electricity is used 1000w, one unit should be dropped but no meter has less than 30 percent of speed and customers are being fleeced by the IESCO.

He appealed to the Federal Minister for Water Power Khawaja Asif to look into this serious matter and order for inspection of all digital meters as well as instruct IESCO to remove these meters forthwith. He said the regular bill payers should not be brought under unnecessary burden because this situation is creating unrest among the masses.

He said Traders Action Committee will launch a strong protest for inspection of digital meters by a private laboratory, where officers from IESCO, WAPDA and NEPRA should also come to monitor the speed of such meters.

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