3768 profiteers fined, 323 jailed during Ramazan

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said that the operation against profiteers has been expedited in the holy month of Ramazan for providing common men special relief and the process of charging fines and sending the profiteers jail was being carried out at large scale.

“In the first half of Ramazan, 3768 shopkeepers were fined with Rs 7275200 and 323 others sent to jail for selling commodities above government rates,” Siddiqui said while addressing a meeting held at his office to review last 15-day actions against profiteering. Additional Commissioner Karachi II and Chairman Price Committee Haji Ahmed, Deputy Director Price Committee Asif Iqbal and In-charge Complaint Cell Commissioner Office Syed Zahid Hussain were also present on the occasion.

He further said that deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners of the six districts had been personally busy in crackdowns against profiteers.

In the crackdowns during Ramazan, 719 milkmen were fined with Rs 2723500, 212 shopkeepers of general commodities fined with Rs 1081000, 502 chicken sellers fined with Rs 768500, 17 meat sellers fined with Rs 85500, 1245 vegetable sellers fined with Rs 1092600, 68 flour sellers fined with Rs 198200 and 1005 fruit sellers fined with Rs 1003500.

The commissioner directed that the people challenging the writ of government by not following government rates should be dealt with iron hands.

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