389 patients died last year, as five burns centres in Sindh still in limbo

KARACHI: About 1168 cases of burns injured were reported in Burns Centre Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) in 2014, sadly of them 389 patients died during treatment.

According to a yearly report revealed by Burns Centre administration, as many as 2256 patients were reported in Outpatient Department last year and out of them 582 patients were discharged after successful treatment, whereas 96 patients left their treatment in middle.

The report further revealed that 131 patients with burns injuries were reported in January 2014, 107 in February, 110 in March, 96 in April, 103 in May, 73 in June, 88 in July, 70 in August, 66 in September, 90 in October, 111 in November and 123 December.

In 2013, 950 patients with burn injuries were brought to Burns Centre for treatment.

Senior Plastic Surgeon and In-charge Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) Burns Centre Dr Ehmer-Al-Ibran said the number of burns injuries cases is increasing day by day; therefore, preventive measures are needed to reduce such cases.

He said most common categories of burns injuries are fire burns, electric, chemical burns and hot water. He said sprinkling the cold water on people with fire and chemical burn injuries soon after the mishap for few minutes is vital to save their lives.

He informed that Burner Centre Karachi is a sole burns injuries catering centre in Sindh province where patients are being provided all medical facilities free of cost. He said the treatment of burns injures in private sector hospitals is very costly.

He advised the general public to adopt preventive measure to avoid burns-related injuries. He said burns injuries cases are more common in women and children; therefore, Burns Centre administration has established a separate Intensive Care Unit for children in order to cater mothers and children under one roof in case of emergency.

However, many health experts believe that number of burns injuries cases can easily be reduced if the health department completes the construction of five burns centres in different cities Sindh which had approved by the former health minister few years ago.

The former health minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed approved the summery for establishing five more burns centres in different cities: Sindh Government Liaquatabad Hospital, Liaquat University & Hospital Jamshoro (Hyderabad), Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana, Ghulam Muhammad Mehar Medical College Hospital Sukkur and Civil Hospital Mirpurkhas.

The construction of these burns centre will reduce the rush of burns injuries cases in Karachi. They also save many precious lives as majority of burn patients die while being shifted from the rural areas to Karachi. These centres if completed would save lives of burn patients who get serious injuries due to cylinder blasts, fire, acid and electricity burn injuries.

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