Ahmed’s artwork enthrals audience

KARACHI: Maqbool Ahmed artwork under the title of “Transparency Within’ displayed at Ocean Art Galleries Clifton, Karachi.

The show would be continued until Friday, 23 May. 2014. The gallery exhibits outstanding work by renowned artist and showcases artwork created by Maqbool Ahmed.

Ocean art galleries is currently one of the largest Pakistani galleries dealing with artworks. Gallery is ready to offer you magnificent, high-quality artworks created by professional Pakistani and international artists. All works by our artists are original.

All works of art presented by our gallery are meticulously checked and carefully selected by a team of experienced professionals, so that every our art lovers may enjoy original artworks.

Ocean art exposition is continuously expanded and regularly renewed. Gallery hosts practically all art styles and directions; therefore, we are sure that you will certainly find exactly what you need.

Resplendent figures active and inventive mood of Maqbool Ahmed motivates him to create resplendent women figures which support his theme in a new series of paintings. His luminous delineate artworks has a universal appeal. Transparent women figures merging and emerging in unusual ambiances creating a peculiar atmosphere in a simple manner.

He combines figurative, cubism and surrealistic work in a single painting and the outcome is brilliant. His powerful brush strokes paints layers after layers creating reflection of images in images. His work is conceptual portraying social issues regarding women. Soft and enlightened female images unveil emotional and intellectual dilemmas of women. The figures in his paintings convey complex realities of life. With casual elegance mostly faceless female figures make statements through their silence, engaging viewers in a dialogue.

The women in his paintings are connected with each other in an unseen thread, a deep feeling which only they share. The paintings speak about the women’s dreams and desires. But many a times she can only see these feelings in a mirror portraying an untouchable or unliveable dreams and desires.

Each painting has a detail composition harmonious to the reflections and refractions of his thoughts. Glimpses of windows, bells, shadows, mirrors and reflections support his complex theme. Some of his paintings reveal complicated ambiance that’s why he uses symbols thus enabling people to understand his difficult subject. He fuses and diffuses colours with figures to give form and features to the female body. Through brilliant use of colours, light and shade he transforms his paintings translucent and semi-transparent. The rainbow colours give the paintings a unique appearance.

The pleasing hues of blue, green, red, yellow and ochre are well balanced with dark black and bright white.

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