Call for recovery of workers’ bodies

KARACHI: Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN) has urged the Sindh government and district administration of Tharparkar to make serious efforts to recover bodies of three scheduled caste workers working inside earth for digging a well whose side caved in and buried alive in village Onro near Nangarparkar town.

In a statement here on Wednesday, Dr Sono Khangharani and Zulfiqar Shah of PDSN expressed concern over delay in recovery of three bodies as more than a week has already passed. They said the unfortunate workers belonged to Dalit community of Bheel namely Ramchand, Altaf and Maan Singh and the local people are presently trying to excavate the site to recover the bodies.

Even Chief Minister Sindh has taken the notice and asked the Sindh Coal Authority to send excavation machinery to recover the bodies, but after passage of many days the machinery had not reached at the site. The Deputy Commissioner had, however, reached at the spot, but he did nothing and after a photo session, he also left.

They said that the Provincial Disaster Management Authority and the District Disaster Management Authority and district administration of Tharparkar should immediately arrange required equipments and machinery and trained people for recovery of the bodies.

They pointed out that about half of the population of Tharparkar is Hindus and majority of them are Dalits, but the area was kept neglected in the development and necessary emergency arrangements as evident from this case. For the last many months, the district was facing severe drought and people were dying because of malnutrition. This year as well the area has not received adequate monsoon rains, which may cause increase in intensity of famine. People are desperately looking for water and in this unfortunate accident, poor workers digging up well without proper equipment so lost their lives.

The network has also written to Chairperson Sindh Human Rights Commission Justice (Retd) Majida Razvi seeking her intervention for the recovery of buried workers bodies and an investigation into the accident.

They said that this indifferent attitude towards marginalized populations was simply unacceptable.

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