Commissioner to form liaison committee with KCCI

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, has announced to form a liaison committee in collaboration with the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) which will also comprise business community’s representatives to be nominated by the President KCCI.

The liaison committee will be responsible to effectively act against exorbitant prices of various commodities, encroachers and mismanagement of traffic and parking issues across the city, besides exploring ways and means of how to improve civic facilities for the Karachiites.

Replying to numerous concerns expressed by small traders during his visit to KCCI on Thursday, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui stressed the need for effective coordination between representatives of the business community, Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners in order to resolve several civic issues being faced by the masses.

Deputy Commissioner South, Mustafa Jamal Qazi, Administrator DMC South Afzal Zaidi, Vice Chairman of Businessmen Group, Anjum Nisar, Acting President KCCI, Muhammad Idrees, Former President KCCI, A. Q. Khalil, Chairman of Special Committee for Small Traders KCCI, Majeed Memon and other Managing Committee members were also present at the meeting.

Highlighting various initiatives undertaken by Sindh government to control prices, Shoaib Siddiqui informed that a Price Control Committee has also been established which will be monitoring prices of various commodities and household goods at district level. In this regard, he asked KCCI to nominate their representatives for this Committee which has been established under specific directives of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah. A meeting to review progress of the Price Control Committee is scheduled to be presided over by CM on April 6, 2014.

Agreeing to Acting President KCCI’s demand, Commissioner Karachi assured that KCCI will be taken on board and consulted in the process of re-routing of Saddar area.

Acting President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Muhammad Idrees, while welcoming Commissioner Karachi, informed that Karachi has been playing a proactive role in the economic development of Karachi city and the entire country by effectively dealing with challenges being faced by the business community.

Despite substantial contribution of more than 68 percent to the national exchequer and providing employment opportunities to thousands of people, Karachi city remains deprived and is being overlooked, which has resulted in further deterioration of the infrastructure, ineffective administrative affairs and poor law and order situation whereas severe traffic jams and insufficient number of flyovers have intensified the hardships for commuters.

He suggested that the government should allocate some funds from the huge revenue contributed by Karachi city for infrastructure development and the administration must take remedial steps for civic development of this important city.

He pointed out that it is highly unfair to declare Saddar and Old City areas of Karachi city as no parking zone. The administration will not be able to attain the desired results but this initiative will only intensify the hardships for business community, he added.

Muhammad Idrees said that the decision to declare important commercial localities as No Parking Zones should have been taken in consultation with the local traders along with relevant associations who are the main stakeholders. “Instead of declaring no parking zones and undertaking re-routing projects in major commercial markets of Karachi, KMC should focus on effectively dealing with encroachments and mismanagement in traffic police department, which are the main reasons for severe traffic jams”, he noted, adding that the unjust decision needs to be reviewed whereas all stakeholders must also be taken on board.

The participants of the meeting raised various issues pertaining to encroachments, traffic congestion, violation of traffic rules, particularly failure to obey one-way rule, and illegal activities of parking mafia.

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