Commissioner warns against price hike

KARACHI: In the developed and civilized nations, the rights and responsibilities of a consumer are well aware to everyone and the governments know the power of purse. Un-luckily there are many social and economical issues in our society due to lack of awareness of the consumer rights and responsibilities.

This was stated by Shoaib Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi in a meeting of FPCCI Standing Committee on Consumers Protection held in Federation House, Karachi. Zakaria Usman, President and Shaukat Ahmed Sr Vice President of FPCCI welcomed the commissioner and said that this year the commissioner initiated efforts before start of the holy month of Ramazan and controlled the prices of essential consumer items and also ensured supply of food items smoothly in the markets.

Usman said that the Commissioner was considered as guardian and custodian of the city. He appreciated the Commissioner who has always been found serving the people and in resolving their issues and problems. He said that the awareness of the consumer rights and responsibilities amongst them would automatically help in eradicating the menace like price controlling, stock piling tampering in weight. The traders should give relief to the masses during Ramazan, he urged.

The Commissioner of Karachi said that during the holy month of Ramzan the prices of the goods are controlled by constant checking and random raiding on markets and the defaulters were arrested and fined for overcharging of prices. He informed that so far about 32,000 Challan have been made against such unscrupulous elements of the society and Rs. 5.5 million fines have been recovered from them. He further stated that concept of Bachat Bazars have been promoted and for the first the organizers of these Bachat Bazars have made accountable that if he fails to control the prices he will also be equally punished and fined.

Shaukat Ahemd appreciated the efforts made by the commissioner Karachi in providing relief to the consumers. He added that in order to create awareness about the rights and responsibilities of consumer, FPCCI would organize conferences and seminars and would also request the member bodies of FPCCI to help us in our efforts. He also appreciated the effort of. Shifaat Zaidi, Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Consumers Protection, in this direction.

The meeting was also attended by Sheikh Imtiaz Ahmed, Vice President FPCCI, Waseem Ahmed, Shiraz Ahmed and members of FPCCI Standing Committee.

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