Decision to declare Saddar as No Parking Zone to be resisted

KARACHI: Acting President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), Muhammad Idrees, has said that the decision to declare Saddar and Old City areas as No Parking Zones will be strongly resisted as it is unlikely to give desired results but will only intensify the hardships of local shopkeepers.

Talking to a delegation of Karachi Electronic Dealers Association (KEDA) during their visit to KCCI, Muhammad Idrees assured full support to KEDA delegation in resolving various issues being faced by them.

Former President KCCI, AQ Khalil and KCCI Managing Committee members were also present at the meeting whereas KEDA delegation, which was headed by General Secretary KEDA Abdul Rasheed Noorani, comprised of Secretary Information KEDA Shahid Ali Seher, Vice President KEDA Muhammad Ali Jaangda, Finance Secretary Syed Muhammad Asad, M. Shakeel Shahid, Naseem Haroon, Amin Memon, Tariq Arain, Aurangzeb Papoo, Kashan Zaid, Abdul Wahid, M. Jawed, Abdul Rauf and Noman.

Idrees said that the decision to declare important commercial localities as No Parking Zones should have been taken in consultation with the local traders along with concerned associations who are the main stakeholders but unfortunately nobody was consulted. “Instead of declaring no parking zones, KMC should focus on effectively dealing with encroachments and mismanagement in traffic police department, which are the main reasons for severe traffic jams”, he noted, adding that the unjust decision needs to be reviewed whereas all stakeholders must also be taken on board in the construction of proposed parking plaza at Jehangir Park in Saddar.

“Failing to take all stakeholders onboard may result in triggering unrest in the city”, Muhammad Idrees warned.

Commenting on the insecurity and rising activities of Bhatta mafia, Muhammad Idrees pointed out that the overall security situation in various markets, particularly those located in the Old City areas, is extremely disturbing. Many small traders are constantly being blackmailed and threatened to pay Bhatta but they avoid approaching the police for assistance. He appealed the business community to fearlessly highlight any threat pertaining to demand for Bhatta so that these issues could immediately be taken up with Law Enforcing Agencies.

Idrees said it has also been brought to his knowledge that some corrupt police officers of various police stations situated in the south zone have established their own police stations within the police stations which are being used to carry out corrupt practices and to create more problems for traders.

Acting President KCCI fervently appealed the Additional IG Sindh Police, Shahid Hayat to take strict action against corrupt police officers who are found guilty of such wrongdoings.

He said that Karachi Chamber has been actively raising its voice for creating an enabling environment for the business community. “We have not only been highlighting the poor law and order situation of Karachi city at various forums but also giving recommendations on various policies affecting local businesses”, he added.

Acting President KCCI informed that Karachi Chamber in association with all regional chambers and local trade associations has compiled comprehensive Pre-budget proposals which will be sent to the concerned authorities in Islamabad so that these inputs could be considered and incorporated in the forthcoming budget for fiscal year 2014-15.

Speaking on the occasion, KEDA representatives expressed deep concerns over unfair action being taken by Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) in association with traffic police authorities to carry out the re-routing of Saddar area and declaring it a no parking zone with a view to ensure smooth flow of traffic but small traders firmly believe it will only create problems.

KEDA delegation, while briefing the Acting President KCCI about the rising incidents pertaining to demand for Bhatta and looting in many commercial areas, informed that they have tried their best to bring this issue to the notice of high-ups in police department but none of the officers deployed in the South Zone were paying attention to the grievances being faced by the traders.

They pointed out that the police department lacks effective strategy on how to control sale and purchase of stolen/ snatched mobile phones. However, KEDA in collaboration with Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has succeeded in recovering 35,000 snatched/ stolen mobile phones.

Chairman of All Karachi Anjuman-e-Tajiran (AKAT), Haroon Chand along with Vice Chairman AKAT Abdul Samad Khan, President AKAT, Rafiq Jadoon and other representatives of various markets situated in the Old City areas of the city also visited the chamber to congratulate Muhammad Idrees upon assuming the charge of Acting President KCCI and discuss matters pertaining to poor law and order situation.

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