Feudalism, terrorism halting MQM way to become national party: Sattar

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Leader Farooq Sattar on Wednesday said that certain forces were creating hindrances in MQM’s way to become a national-level party and the reasons behind them were highlighted by MQM chief Altaf Hussain in his interview to News Week.

Speaking at a press conference to inform regarding MQM chief’s interview in News Week titled ‘The Right Man,’ Sattar said that photo of MQM chief on the renowned magazine’s front page was his international recognition as a leader.

The MQM leader said that Altaf Hussain shed light on the problems being faced by the country and their solutions in the interview. Sattar said that Hussain had highlighted three factors that hinder the party from entering into national scenario that included extremism and terrorism, presence of ruling elite class in politics and tensions in civil-military relationship.

He said that the terrorism had not only affected Karachi where one-third of the city was under the control of terrorists but also other parts of the country.

Sattar said: “Everyone knows about elements in ruling elite class, who do not had any care of public interest as they know that the power would not go out of their families. There is no ideological politics in our country instead there is politics of interests. He said that without ideological politics, the country could not become a functional state.

The MQM leader said that basic problem faced by the country was feudalism and dynastic politics and no change could come in the country without change of system.

He said that Altaf Hussain had spoken bitter truths about the tensions among civil military relationship in interview to the News Week. Sattar said that forces trying to hinder MQM’s way to become a national level party were also hindering Pakistan’ way to become a country guided on the principles of Quaid-e-Azam.

He said that MQM was a national level party and was working to strengthen federation of Pakistan. “We have representation in all parts of the country including Gilgit Baltistan and Punjab,” he said.

MQM Deputy Convener Nasir Jamal distributed copies of the Newsweek magazine among several senior journalists including officer bearers of Karachi Press Club.

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