Govt determined to revive past glory of Karachi: minister

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for information, archives and local government Sharjeel Inaam Memon said the Sindh government had presented the gift of a dedicated elevator bridge starting from the Jinnah Bridge to Quaidabad because the Sindh government was determined to return the lights and aesthetic beauty of the metropolis to the Karachiites.

In this regard, the Sindh government was also working on restoration, rehabilitation and creation of parks and playgrounds while a double carriage way was also being constructed from the National Highway to the Superhighway.

The Minister stated this to the newsmen on the occasion of inauguration of Shaheed Hosh Mohammad Sheedi Park here on Thursday. The Park had cost Rs.40 million and was completed in 6 months. The covered area of the Park was around 4.5-acre.

The Minister said the PPP-led Sindh government had committed to the Karachiites in its past 6 year long tenure that the lost status of the city as the city of lights would be restored and the aesthetic beauty of it would be maintained. The Sindh government was keeping that commitment.

He said the Sindh government was also pre-determined to make the city gridlock-free and for that purpose, it was giving the Elevator Bridge to the people of the metropolis in next few days. In addition, the double carriage way would also be constructed starting from the National Highway to the Super Highway. Further, 2 Bridges in Malir would also be completed in next 2-3 months.

The Minister while responding to a question pertaining to the proposed establishment of the military courts said that the PPP had never been in opposition to the army but only opposed the military dictatorships and fought against it with full force so that the democratic system should prevail in the country.

He said the Peshawar carnage in which 134 students of the army public school were martyred was a horrible tragedy in country’s history following which the nation had to take some stern decisions. It was a difficult for the PPP to say yes to the proposed establishment of the military courts but while keeping in view the worst scenario in the country and threats of terrorism, the party endorsed the decision.

He said that the decision for the military courts was imperative especially after establishment of slow performance of the 5 anti-terrorist courts in Karachi even after arrest of 12000 culprits.

He said Karachi’s parks and public land were encroached and illegally occupied, which had no precedence in Karachi’s history. However, the anti-encroachment department of the local government department was fully active for the eviction of the encroached parks and public land.

The Minister said that as yet, some 2000 ghost employees had been identified in the Karachi and Water and Sewerage Board while a crackdown against the ghost employees in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation was also under way.

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