Improperly stored medicine less effective for patients

Karachi: Many hospitals of Karachi and medical store owners could not follow the instructions and prescription of pharmaceutical companies regarding safe storage of medicines in cool and dry place.

A Senior Pharmacist of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) on condition of anonymity said pharmaceutical companies clearly mention to store medicine in cool and dry place between temperatures 20 to 30 centigrade but these instructions are not followed by many medical stores owners and in hospital pharmacy departments.

He said exposure of tablets and capsules in heat and moisture can make them less potent before their expiration date. He said for example a warm and humid environment can cause aspirin tablets to break down into acetic acid (vinegar) which can irritate the stomach.

He said improperly stored medicine can become toxic. He said to prevent danger the medicines should be stored in cool and dry place. He said some medicines need to be refrigerated and if you leave them out of the fridge then consult with your pharmacist whether they should be thrown out or used within a certain time.

He said it is an established fact that labile drugs and vaccines show decrease in potency if not stored under controlled temperatures. Insulin is one such labile drug, sensitive to extreme temperatures and sunlight and hence needs to be stored under refrigeration, he added.

President Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi Dr Idrees Adhi, when contacted said some medicines lost effectiveness if these drugs could not properly store in prescribe temperature which was mentioned in every medicines. He said prescribe temperature should be maintained in every medicines otherwise these drug prove less affective for patients. He said there is no side affect of medicines stored improperly.

Secretary General PMA Centre Mirza Ali Azhar said medicines manufactured with chemicals which was every sensitive in nature and such medicines could not store in prescribed temperature the surly it prove less effective for patients.

He advised the medical store owners, hospital administration and general public stores the medicines in recommended temperature for early recovery and effectiveness.

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