Initiative on ethics in pharmaceutical promotion greeted

Karachi: The Executive Director of Pharma Bureau (association of the research based multinational pharmaceutical companies), Ayesha Tammy Haq welcomed the DRAP’s initiative to increase transparency in the interactions between Health Care Providers, the pharmaceutical industry and Pharmaceutical promotion.

In a statement released today she said “We very much welcome the latest directive issued by the DRAP to increase transparency & provide the details of expenditures on promotional activities by Pharmaceutical Companies,”

Emphasizing the importance of improving the ethical basis of promotion she said that “We hope that these steps will lead to the enforcement of Ethical Promotional Practices in Pakistan and also urge the need to finalize and agree guidelines for ethical interactions by the medical profession and the DRAP. She also stressed on the need for a foolproof mechanism for ensuring that these guidelines are made uniformly effective across the pharmaceutical industry”. She added that the need for developing & putting such a mechanism in place is long overdue and the DRAP must consider how this can be made to deter malpractices, keeping patient interests foremost.

She highlighted that the Pharma Bureau has also put in place its own self-monitoring mechanism with an Ethics Committee comprising of the professional from Medical, Ethics & Compliance and Finance functions. The mandate of the Committee is to ensure compliance with global Ethics Guidelines, suggest marketing standards for all Pharma Bureau member companies in Pakistan & also resolve inter-company issues related to pharmaceutical promotion.

She also pointed out that the Pharma Bureau has over the last three years proactively arranged seminars on Ethical marketing practices & guidelines, most recently in December 2012 in Lahore where a large number of professionals from the industry, doctors, regulators, health care providers and consumer Marketing Practices which are aligned with the IFPMA (The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations), FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), US “Sunshine representatives participated and suggested their proposals for the improvements in the ethical marketing practices in Pakistan.

She further added: “We would like to welcome the development of consistent guidelines on pharmaceutical promotion and enforcement of Ethical Code of Pharmaceutical Practices at the national level by the Pakistan Medical Association. We recommend that the same should be equally implemented and followed by all the national and multinational pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. We hope that it will help to improve the better patient outcomes and will improve the image of both pharmaceutical industry as well as the Medical Community”.

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