International Health Day: Sindh assembly for steps to check dengue

KARACHI: On the occasion of International Health Day on Monday the Sindh Assembly unanimously passed a resolution demanding steps to check dengue and polio diseases in the province.

Naila Munir of Muttahida Qaumi Movement in her resolutions showed concern on spread of diseases especially dengue in Sindh province and demanded steps to check it. In her resolution that was adopted unanimously she said this Assembly is proud to commemorate International Health Day on April 7, 2014 and demands from Provincial Government to take special measures to eradicate Dengue and Polio.

Saniya Naz of PPPP, Irum Azeem Farooque of MQM and Khurram Sher Zaman of PTI in their identical resolutions said the assembly congratulates and pays tributes to the Pakistan Street Children Football Team for securing 3rd position and Bronze medal in the World Cup in Brazil. The house also decided to welcome the members of Pakistan street footballers by inviting them to visit the assembly. The member paid rich tribute to a private NGO who trained these footballers and arranged their international tournament. A member regretted that a private organization has the sense to select and train a team that finally won an international event, while the government sponsored selection teams and organizations have failed to select national sports teams on merit. The house passed the resolution unanimously.

Sharmila Faruqui of PPPP in her resolution said this Assembly recommends to the Federal Government to secure the safe release of Prof Ajmal Khan, Ali Haider Gilani, Shahbaz Taseer and other innocent captives in the custody of Taliban in the ongoing negotiations between Taliban and the Government. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Syed Khalid Ahmed of MQM moved a resolution to condemn the decision of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to increase electricity tariff for Karachi Electric consumers up to 70%, while Kamran Akhter of the same party in his resolution says this house condemns the decision of Federal Ministry of Water and Power to reduce electricity of Karachi up to 350 MW. Both these resolutions were passed by the house.

Muhammad Dilawar Qureshi in his resolution which was also passed said the House resolves that Provincial Government should approach Federal government and urge them not to close the sales offices of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) situated in Hyderabad.

Earlier, the house met with speaker Agha Siraj Durrani in chair one hour and 25 minutes late than its scheduled time of 10:00am. Sindh chief minister did not attend the session, while the leader of opposition was present for some 20 minutes.

There were five call attention notices (CANs) given by the MPAs which was answered in the house.

Kamran Akhter of MQM in his CAN said the Minister for Home, Sindh may please to give answer/ statement that the Iranian Petrol and Diesel is being smuggled and causing loss of Billions of Rupees to the National Exchequer; steps taken or are being taken to curb the smuggling?

This was responded by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sikandar Mandhro, who said that it is not the responsibility of Sindh Home Department and it is the primary responsibility of the Coast Guards and Customs department to stop the smuggling. MQM’s Deputy Parliamentary Secretary, Khawaja Izharul Hassan registered his dissatisfaction to the answer given. MQM’s another member Syed Khalid Ahmed wanted to speak on the issue, he was not allowed by the chair to speak, but Mr. Khalid said that diesel is openly being sold in Karachi. On this, PPP’s Nisar Khuhro also quoted the rules and said that no debate can be made on CAN. The speaker also read the relevant rules and said that we will go as per rules and ruled that debate be expunged.

Khurram Sher Zaman of PTI in his call attention notice said the Minister for Local Government, Sindh may please to give answer / statement that my Constituency Bath Island, Gulshan-e-Faisal KWSB is using Storm Drain for Sewerage waste since last 3 years. This is the Second time I have brought this issue to our August House but unfortunately KWSB has not taken any steps to solve, kindly explain why?

The member complained of being politically victimized by government departments/officials. The CAN was responded by Minister for Information, Sharjeel Inam Memon, who said that issue is genuine and the Karachi Water Board has prepared PC-1. The Issue will be resolved soon. Chair advised the minister to hold a meeting of MD KWSB with the member so that he may satisfy, whereas the mover reposed his confidence in MPA Sajid Jokhio to resolve the issue.

MQM PMA Khawaja Izharul Hassan in his CAN asked Senior Minister for Education & Literacy, Sindh may please to give answer/ statement that it is reported that Government of Sindh is not taking any interest in the establishment of new colleges in Karachi. Kindly provide the list of new colleges are under construction in Sindh District wise and request from the Minister on it. The Mover said that he has not received any list according to the CAN.

Minister for Education, Nisar Khuhro responded to the CAN, who said that 13 colleges has been functionalized in Karachi in 2008-09, out of which, 13 are Girls colleges, while the remaining 3 are Boys Colleges. Eight colleges in Karachi are under construction, out of which, five are Girls colleges, while the remaining 3 are Boys Colleges. Ibrahim Haidri Boys College has been completed and handed over, but no SNE has been approved yet. It is unjust to say that we are not taking interest in construction of colleges.

Dr Seema Zia of PTI in her call attention notice said Minister for Health, Sindh may please to give answer/ statement that this is to bring under the notice of the Health Ministry that the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases is facing huge financial constrains. Why the Provincial Government is unable to give the institute it’s due budgetary allocation after being devolved to the Province since July, 2011.

This was responded by Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Sikandar Ali Shoro, who said that after 18th amendment the intuitions were devolved but some lobby went to the court and got stay order from Sindh High Court regarding no interference by the Sindh Government till further orders. Even then, funds of Rs 400mn allocated for the NICD. Summary of Rs 1000mln has been moved keeping in view the requirement of the institution. Sindh Government owns all institutions and it is incorrect to say that we do not own them.

Engineer Sabir Hussain Qaimkhani in his CAN said the Minister for Health may please to give answer/ statement that let this House know, that how many mobile dispensaries are owned with the Government of Sindh and how many field Hospitals may be established in emergency to protect deaths and why these dispensaries and field Hospitals not utilized during drought of Tharparkar.

This was responded by Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Sikandar Ali Shoro, who said the basic concept of mobile teams and field hospitals is to work in emergency situation. To cope with drought in Thar, mobile teams worked there and field hospitals were also established there. We are working on enhancing health related facilities there. Action has been taken against those doctors who didn’t work there. New appointments are being made and health is being focused.

It was decided that Privilege Motion No. 03 of 2014;Given Notice of by Heer Soho regarding Secretary to Government of Sindh, Finance Department didn’t attend the phone calls of member despite several text messages were left on his cell phone will be referred to the committee after the announcement and passing of committee by the House on Friday. The Member made a request in writing to provide information regarding development and non-development quarterly released funds for the financial year 2013-14 but concerned secretary ignored the written request and have not yet responded.

In his observation, the speaker said that we will not accept any dictation or directives by anyone and we will go and run the house according to our rules. This he said in context of comments made for dissolution of Sindh Assembly for passing resolution against CII’s recommendations.

Later, the chair adjourned the house till tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 AM.

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