’Karachiites to reject match-fixing in NA-246′

Karachi: Terming the by-polls of NA-246 very important in deciding the trend of future politics of Karachi, Pasban has warned that Karachiites would reject ‘match-fixing’ in this constituency.

Addressing a ceremony at their main election camp of Kareemabad here Tuesday, where an eight-feet long symbolic replica of a TT pistol was set on fire as a message to rid Karachi of terrorists, targeted killers and extortionists, Pasban e Pakistan general secretary and candidate for NA-246 boy-polls Usman Moazzam said now the days of politics in Karachi on the trigger of TT pistol are over. He said the Karachiites are peaceful people and they want nothing but peace in their city.

He said let the voters of NA-246 decide the fate of their constituency. He asked PTI chairman to stop his politics ‘based on crutches’ in this city. He said Karachiites would strongly react if the hidden hands tried to do a match-fixing for the NA-246. He said people of Karachi wants a “change” and not another election rigging. He said Pasban has already presented its program of how to make Karachi a city of peace, adding to solve the lingering problem of law and order in this city there is no option but to accept the solution given by Pasban.

Usman Moazzam said Pasban has always served Karachi and Karachiites. This party is known for its brave campaign against bike pillion riding in the city. It believes that the rulers are deliberately keeping the public transport system of Karachi undeveloped and undisciplined because a modern public transport sector would also change the economy, social life and politics of the city, which is economic lifeline of whole Pakistan. He said Pasban has always strongly demanded to reopen the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) in public interest, and replace the narrow-bodied minibuses with wide-bodied buses and charge bus fares on the basis of CNG use.

The Pasban leader said Karachiites want an end of ‘TT pistol politics’ in their city. Let the fate of this city be decided by ballot and not by bullet. He said the days of extortionists and targeted killers have been numbered in Karachi and a radical change in the political trends is inevitable. He said the results of NA-246 would bring freedom for Karachiites who have been enslaved by armed mafias working in the guise of politics, terrorizing the citizens with TT pistols. He said today we have burnt this TT pistol for good and now the future of the city would be decided by their free vote.

On the occasion, a large number of citizens were present.

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