Latest cancer treatment by Radiofrequency in Karachi

Karachi: Patients suffering from the deadly disease are being treated and cured through image-guided technique which leads a needle electrode into a cancerous tumor then high frequency electrical current is passed through the electrode which destroys the abnormal cells.

Radiofrequency treatment is done mostly for hepatocellular carcinoma, liver cancer which begins within the liver and the other type of cancers which spread from colon to liver and is very effective tumor treatment for one and a half inch diameter growth. The method may also be used in addition to chemotherapy or radiation therapy or as an alternate to surgical treatment.

The method is also used for patients of liver tumors not responding to chemotherapy, and recurring of tumors after being removed surgically or in cases several small liver tumors are widely spread.

Success rate for completely eliminating small liver tumors is higher than 85 percent. Recurrence of other liver tumors after being treated by radiofrequency is less than 50 percent. Treatment-related serious complications are rare and discomfort to patients minimal and if required Radiofrequency Ablation may be used repeatedly.  Besides, the option is less expensive than other cancer treatment procedures.

Ziauddin Cancer Hospital is managing both out-patients and in-patients with maximum care with highly qualified and experienced doctors and trained nurses for the last fifteen years. It also provides cancer screening services including mammography, while tumor registry is also maintained for data collection and research. For Pediatric Oncology a comprehensive special care unit for children is in the process of establishment.

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