Minority leaders deplore attacks on Hindus temples

KARACHI: Saleem Khursheed Khokhar, Ex Member, Central Executive Committee PPP, Founder Member All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Sindh and former MPA Sindh Assembly from Liverpool England, Kalson Aamir Khokhar, Waseem Khokhar from Dublin, Ireland, Arshad Rehmat from New York, USA, Akram Khokhar, Atique Bhatti, Qaisar Bhatti from Frankfort Germany, Father Jerome Gill from Belgium and Khalid Gill from Toronto Canada contacted with the former MPA Sindh Pitambar Sehwani regarding attacks on Hindu temples in a week time in Hyderabad and Larkana and other area.

They all strongly condemned brutal acts against Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis and other minorities. Such atrocities and cruel acts are being committed by religious extremists and radical militants so as to falsely involve religious minorities in Pakistan under the umbrella of blasphemy law and they are punished just to settle personal scores.

They said that Hindus are native Sindhis and had been living here as equals for thousands of years. They further added that unfortunately, the guiding message of the Founder of Pakistan has been forgotten. They demanded immediate hold of culprits.

They said extremists want to realize the minority that whoever will raise the voice regarding discrimination of minority community, the extremists forcibly don’t let them speak and harassed them.

They said if the adequate security to the minorities and their temples and churches is not provided, they would go on hunger strike at Amenity International office.

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