Need stressed to bring Pakistan on world Halal map

Karachi: Pakistan despite having a great potential in Halal food production, has only a meagre, less than 0.5 percent share in the global Halal food market, which is largely controlled by the non-Muslim countries that are reaping its benefits as the exporters of Halal certified products.

According to the experts the global Halal market has expanded to over $3 trillion and has potential to grow further.

The upcoming OIC-SMIIC: World Halal Assembly is a serious effort to bring Pakistan on the Global Halal Trade map and inform the opportunities available for Pakistani exporters in the trillions dollar Halal market.

The Halal Assembly will be held in Islamabad on June 04, 2014. Organized by Halal Products and Services Association of Pakistan (HAP), the only trade association in Pakistan officially registered with Ministry of Commerce to represent Pakistani Halal products and services sectors and find solutions to the existing issues for promotion of Halal trade, it would be hosted by PSQCA under the Patronage of OIC-SMIC, the official body nominated by OIC to regularize Halal standards in the world..

The Assembly would also promote implementation of uniform Halal standards in the world to accelerate Halal products trade and commerce in the world. Delegates from Australia; Bangladesh; Croatia; Gambia; Germany; Iran; Ireland; Jordan; Malaysia; Mexico; Niger; Philippines; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Suriname; Singapore, Turkey; and UAE have confirmed their attendance for this mega event which is expected to attract an expert gathering from 40 countries.

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