NTUF demands no interference into Yemen crisis

KARACHI: The Pakistan government should avoid being a party in Yemen crisis. If it helped any party then it will become victim of more anarchy. The labourers of the country wanted not sending troops to Saudi Arabia, said National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) Deputy General Secretary Nasir Mansoor in a statement on Tuesday.

He said the Yemen crisis was the result of local conflicts which should be resolved by the local parties in a democratic way. Attack on Yemen would make the matter complex and could spread the fire of war to other countries.

“Pakistan is not a direct party in the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen; therefore it should not bother to jump into others’ war. The result of criminal policies of our politicians is braved by the people in the face of blood, fire and social disturbance,” he said.

He said if troops went to strengthen Saudi monarchy then it would start an unending war in the region which in not in the interest of Pakistan.

Mansoor expressed concern over Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s statement that parliament would decide about the matter of sending troops to Saudi Arabia. The people’s representative should not take such a decision that could make the matters even worse, he said.

He further said the sacred places in Saudi Arab were respected by the Muslims all over the world. Pakistan should learn to make independent foreign policy like the other big Muslim populated countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, so that the region could be made peaceful and developed.

“We demand to reject any policy of sending troops to Middle East. The people of Yemen should be allowed to resolve their own issue and the air attack on Yemen should be immediately stopped.”

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