Only Sindh govt carrying relief work in Thar: Sharjeel

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Local Government Sharjeel Inaam Memon said only Sindh government was carrying out relief and rehabilitation operation in district Tharparkar.

Talking to the newsmen after Sindh assembly session on Monday, he said that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah would on Tuesday exposed hands behind planned conspiracy against Sindh government, which was already foiled regarding unrealistic magnification of drought and death of children in Tharparkar.

It was very sad that children had become victims in Tharparkar but the conspiracy that was hatched against Sindh government on the pretext of those deaths in Tharparkar would be fully foiled and in this regard, Sindh government had already constituted a committee, which reviewed all related matters in this context, said the Minister.

The statistics in form of a report was submitted to Prime Minister by federal and provincial health departments, which disclosed that a million children die before they reach the age of 5 each year and of those a million, 200, 000 deaths of children below the age of 5 were recorded every year in Pakistan. According to that report, 600 children die each day in 150 districts of Pakistan but Pakistani media had only created hype on deaths of children in Tharparkar, lamented the Minister.

He regretted that not a single penny from the sum of money announced by Prime Minister for people of Tharparkar for relief and rehabilitation was received as yet and the silence of media over that nig question was meaningful on which they deserved a salutation.

Nonetheless, Sindh government had since day one been active in taking care of the people of Tharparkar and the CM had been to Tharparkar for 6 times while Cabinet Ministers and members of national and provincial assemblies from Pakistan People’s Party remained present in Tharparkar to carry out relief and rehabilitation works, which was still being continued, said Sharjeel Memon, adding that to be working on ground and making just lip services for the support were things of opposite nature and could not be placed under one similar category of action.

While commenting on a statement of Prime Minister regarding comparison of droughts in Tharparkar and Cholistan wherein the Prime Minister had stated that situation like in Tharparkar had never been anywhere, Memon said that what the people of Cholistan were passing through today was also candid clear to everyone as more than 90 percent of population in Cholistan had migrated to other areas due to worst drought in the area. However, migration from Tharparkar could not go beyond just 20 percent but media was still turning a blind eye on the situation in Cholistan.

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