Poor security of transmission lines plunges country into darkness

Karachi: Poor security of strategic electricity transmission lines plunged more than 80percent of the country into darkness as main transmission lines of the national grid near Naseerabad district in Balochistan province due to sabotage attack of terrorists Saturday night.

All four provinces of the country faced power outages due to damage to the transmission lines. State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali said some terrorists blasted the main transmission line near Naseerabad and it resulted in disconnection of electricity supply to different parts of the country. He said power supply is being restored gradually. He said in future steps would be taken to avoid such situation through alternate steps.

Strategic power and gas supply lines are often targeted in Balochistan province due to poor security of these assets. The government and its security apparatus need to think seriously and stop activities of anti-country elements in these areas. There should be a prompt action mechanism for immediate repair and restoration activities, besides alternate mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity in case of such incident. The overall security of the strategic power and gas supply lines need to be improved.

In Karachi, the electricity supply was affected in many areas; however, the privately owned electricity distribution entity of Karachi, KE says it has already restored electricity supply in more than 90percent of affected areas.

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