Proper chlorination of water urged to fight Naegleria

KARACHI: Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed on Thursday asked the elected members to meet water board authorities and play role for ensuring required chlorination of water so as to save citizens from Naegleria.

Speaking at a high level meeting at water board office, he said 16 people had died due to Naegleria this year so far, and it was their duty to inform people of this deadly disease.

The minister said Naegleria is an Ameba which grows in water, and most probably it is found in swimming pools. Its breeding can be stopped with required chlorination of water.

He said Naegleria enters in human body through nose and kills the person in seven days. “Water used for ablution should either be chlorinated or boiled at 100 degrees centigrade,” the minister said.

He said there should be 2PPM volume of chlorine in water board reserves and 0.5 PPM in house water.

Sagheer instructed the elected members and other relevant officers to conduct conferences in their respective areas, raise awareness through print and electronic media and distribute pamphlets for saving people from deadly disease.

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