‘Secular extremism’ equally harmful for Pakistan: scholar

KARACHI: Leader of Jamiat Ahle Hadees Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer said on Monday that some elements were misleading the government and wanted it to clash religious schools and scholars.

He said ‘secular extremism’ has become more dangerous for Pakistan than ‘religious extremism’. He said secular extremists want that Pakistanis should shun their cultural and religious values and adopt the Western ones.

He was expressing his views in a press conference held at Karachi Press Club along with Nazim Jamaat Al Sunnah Ashraf Qureshi and General Secretary Syed Amir Majeed.

He said some forces are not happy with the Islamic identity of Pakistan. He said the government should take notice of the concerns of religious quarters regarding the 21st amendment, especially the use of words “religious terrorism” in it. He said every kind of terrorism should be considered a ‘terrorism’ whether it happens with any title.

He observed many people related to secular universities, colleges, political parties and state agencies were found involved in the terrorist activities in past. If their identity is linked to their backgrounds then no any sector of the country could escape from the labeling of terrorism.

He advised that the government policymakers should work about sectarian and political considerations as their policies should be implemented on merit. He said: “If any adverse action is taken against the seminaries and religious scholars it would certainly damage Pakistan’s ideological identity.”

He said Pakistan is an Islamic welfare state and it should encourage its religious scholars to bring necessary reforms in their seminaries, adding the government should play the role of a facilitator in this regard. He said religious scholars are serious to bring constructive reforms.

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