Shahid Afridi appeals for welfare donation

KARACHI: Pakistan’s top cricket all-rounder, Shahid Khan Afridi, has appealed for a generous donation from the public in order to support Shahid Afridi Foundation, a nonprofit welfare organization founded by him to promote education, health and professional skills, particularly among the underserved communities of the country. In his recent message on Twitter, Shahid Khan Afridi asked his fans to financially support Shahid Afridi Foundation to the maximum degree possible, and this can be easily done by registering online at

Shahid Afridi has set up the Shahid Afridi Foundation in Pakistan, the aim of which is to enrich lives of the people who need assistance in the forms of healthcare, education and also by using sports as a medium of personal enrichment and development.

“Over the years playing cricket has allowed me to experience a range of emotions that I never thought would be possible. Sports have given me a playing field that allowed me to express myself, showcasing the highs and lows, and I want the future generation to be able to get a glimpse of the beauty that sports can bring about in their lives. Sports help nourish the mind, body and soul, and this is what I am hoping the Shahid Afridi Foundation will achieve”, Shahid Afridi said.

He said that poverty was a devastating thing and unfortunately it had hit some parts of Pakistan quite hard. “There have been many devastating floods which destroyed living situations of many people and left them deprived of vital things such as food and shelter. However, with the help of the Shahid Afridi Foundation I am determined to not let it destroy their spirits”, Shahid Afridi mentioned.

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