SHC quashes FIR against a freewill couple

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday quashed an FIR registered against a freewill couple when young girl told it that she had eloped at her own free will.

A division bench headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah also directed the local police to release the relatives of couple. The petitioners, Nadia and her spouse, Faiz Mohammad approached the court seeking quashment of an alleged fake case regarding her kidnapping registered against Faiz and his relatives.

The woman petitioner submitted that she eloped with Faiz on Decemebr 16 last year and solemnized marriage with him after executing freewill in Karachi. She stated her irate family, who did not accept their marriage, lodged a case at Shahdadpur police station under Section 365-B PPC regarding her abduction against her spouse and his relatives.

As her parents wanted her to marry an old man, and that was why she was compelled to leave the home and marry her maternal cousin, she said requesting the court to issue directions for the police to provide protection and quash a case regarding her abduction.

Following the court order, IO also recorded her statement. In her statement, she reiterated that she was not abducted; instead she married Faiz on her choice.

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