Smart phones usages increasing cyber crimes

KARACHI: Increased use of smart phones by young generation has accelerated cyber crimes and in order to overcome this situation, youth should be provided sexual and reproductive health education to safeguard themselves from sexual harassment or violence.

These views were expressed from various speakers at a seminar organized by Madadgaar National Helpline on the eve of International Telecommunication and Child Helpline Day at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology.

Deputy Director Cyber Crimes FIA, Mohammad Ahmed Zaeem told that FIA’s National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes started receiving cases of social media crimes from 2010.

He said that children under 13 are prohibited to use social media, however, FIA received several cases of underage children including a case of eight year old child victimized through social media.

“Parents should keep a vigilant eye on their children while education relating to cyber crimes should be given at university level,” he said.

Zaeem said that mobile phone was also a source of cyber crime as images taken from them were used to blackmail people especially girls on internet.

He urged people to report cyber crimes and said that it would be helpful in curbing these crimes up to 50 percent.

SSP Dr Qamar Rizvi said that likewise FIA, police was also working on cyber crime but it was more concerned regarding terrorism related issues than individual and social crimes.

He blamed lack of police force for overcoming cyber crime issues and said that despite these problems, they were able to lower crime statics in the city to a satisfactory level.

Rehnuma Family Planning Association (FPAP) Rubina Hafeez said that they were providing family planning and sexual and reproductive health education to the public.

She said that on international telecommunication day, we want a system with the joint venture of government, telecommunication companies and civil society organizations to overcome these problems.

Founder Madadgaar National Helpline Zia Awan said that Madadgaar National Helpline is connected to the global network of child helplines named Child Helpline International (CHI) consisting of 178 helplines in 143 countries.

“Madadgaar is able to provide legal aid to Pakistanis who were smuggled to different countries in the world,” he said. He urged youth to avoid negative activities on Facebook and other social media sites and said that youth clubs were established in 57 universities and colleges in Pakistan to aware youth regarding the social responsibilities.

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