Solid waste management in shambles

Karachi: Diseases are on the rise in Karachi due to poor sanitary conditions, especially in slums and low-income localities, where the solid waste management system is in shambles.

Heaps of garbage could be seen in different parts of the city. Even in front of Karachi University, the premier educational institute of the country, and both KMC and KU officials have not bothered to remove them despite passage of many months.

The sanitary condition of small markets and inner lanes is pathetic. The old city areas including Lyari do not have an efficient system of garbage lifting. The local government spends billions of rupees on sanitary vehicles and workers, but still then Karachi is still amongst the dirtiest cities of the world.

The issue has already been discussed on the floor of Sindh Assembly, where the opposition blames government of corruption and bad governance, while the government blames political recruitments in the local government bodies including KMC and KWSB. However, the citizens are least concerned with this blame game and they demand that the city be properly cleaned and heaps of garbage and liter lifted swiftly and regularly.

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