Sports: Hockey: Indians behaved like kids in Champions Trophy: Islah

Karachi: Pakistan’s National Selection Committee chief Islahuddin Siddiqui said that the scandal of the green-shirts’ semifinal victory celebrations in Hockey Champions Trophy held in India was nothing but side-effects of Indian financial muscles coupled with its childish inspiration.

“They didn’t actually accept their defeat and soon after the defeat they started hate campaign against Pakistan to taint its highly impressive showing in Champions Trophy,” the legendary hockey Olympian Islahuddin was quoted as saying by

He added that he had been a part of World Rule Board of International Hockey Federation (FIH) for seventeen years and there was no rule present in the hockey books on the basis of which a player may be banned for swaying away a bit during victory celebration.

“There is no such rule. FIH banned a couple of our players few hours before the final only because Hockey India threatened them, abusing their financial muscles. It was very childish what they did. They just behaved like kids thinking that if they could not win the Champions Trophy then Pakistan wouldn’t do that either,” Islah said.

Hockey India asked FIH to come hard on Pakistan players, who were not charged initially by Tournament Director, saying that it would not host international tournaments on its soil otherwise. HI has also said it would severe bilateral ties with Pakistan.

However, Islah further said that in spite the green-shirts lost the final but they had already won the tournament after beating India in semifinals.

While commenting on Hockey India’s Chief Narinder Batra, who called Pakistan team’s semifinal victory celebration as ‘uncouth behavior’ and added that it was against Indian culture and values Islah said, “I have seen Indian heartthrob cricketer Virat Kohli popping middle finger and former cricketer Saurav Ganguly taking off his shirt. And much more often I have seen Salman Khan taking off his shirt. First the Indian hockey chief need to open his eyes and then tell others what Indian culture and values are.”

Islah said that FIH’s highly biased decision has hurt hockey badly as the final match of high voltage Hockey Champions Trophy was decided out of field rather than on the field.

“Our players went through the trauma of Indian persecution and swords were hanging on them when they must be strategizing and focusing on their final against Germany. Had India accepted their defeat in good spirit and let the things calm down after Shahnaz tendered an apology, I believe we would have defeated Germany to clinch the title,” he said.

“But Hockey India resorted to plot against us in order to save their own faces after losing to Pakistan. Hockey India knew that if Pakistan wins the title, they would come under immense public pressure since they have been spending a lot on their hockey. So to divert the attention of media and hockey fans in India, they waged a conspiracy campaign against Pakistan’s bright Champions Trophy title prospects.

“But all these Indian-led controversy and dictation to FIH will not in any way serve hockey. After the ridiculous decision, it looks International hockey is a slave to one single country,” he said.

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