Thar tragedy: Sindh assembly asks govt to shun state of denial

KARACHI: The performance of Sindh government came under heavy fire as Sindh Assembly here Tuesday asked the provincial government to come out of the state of denial on Thar situation, demanding forming of committee comprised provincial lawmakers of Sindh to visit the area, probe the matter and submit its fact-finding report to the house.

The resolution, which was equally supported by the treasury and opposition benches, was moved by the leader of the opposition, Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar of PML-F.

The resolution, adopted unanimously, said the provincial government is in a state of denial with regard to the loss of lives in Thar due to drought. Every day we see in different newspapers reports regarding the present situation in Thar. Even the chairperson of the ruling party in the province has taken notice of the situation.

In such circumstances rather than clearing and politicizing the issue the government should form a committee which should include members from all political parties to probe this issue so that such incidents are not repeated in future.

The mover Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Maher (PML-F) said the government in state of denial. It is accusing media for wrong reporting. A house committee should be formed that should visit Thar and submit its fact-finding report back to the house.

Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi (PML-F) said Thar issue is the matter of concern for all of us. The government has miserably failed to mitigate the sufferings of people. The government did not take any action on the report of Justice Qurban Alvi.

Mehtab Akbar Rashdi (PML-F) said Thar is still a backward area like it was centuries ago. The government is busy to justify its shortcomings.

Saeed Khan Nizamani (PML-F): Thar is facing a lot of problems. There is no focus on the issues of Achiro Thar, ranging from Sanghar to Khairpur.

Khatu Mal Jeewan (PPPP) said Thar is a backward area but its infrastructure is better than many other districts of Pakistan. Govt is focusing to solve its issues.

Muhammad Abdur Rauf Siddiqui (MQM) said the precious human lives are lost in Thar due to sheer negligence. Had this injustice invited the wrath of God, whole Pakistan would be punished. A murder FIR should have been lodged against the ruling class.

Muhammad Hussain (MQM) said the government is taking action after the tragedies not before them. The rulers are trying to convince the people that the government is not responsible for deaths in Thar, but in fact it is responsible for the Thar situation.

Eng. Pesu Mal (PPPP) said the government is taking steps for the welfare of people. We laud the steps of chief minister and its cabinet.

Muhammad Dilawar Qureshi (MQM) said the government has not committed a mistake in Thar but rather a blunder. The provincial government has simply failed in Thar.

Rana Ansar (MQM) said the situation is Thar is tragic. The neglected people of this area are asking if they really are Pakistanis. Thar is facing worse hunger than Somalia. The chief minister is saying that the deaths are not due to hunger but poverty. Is it not the responsibility of the government to eliminate poverty?

Jam Khan Shoro (PPPP) said only the PPPP government is being criticized though the past governments had done nothing for Thar and Sindh as well.

Faisal Ali Sabzwari (MQM) said the government should accept its shortcomings. We are ready to help the government to improve the situation, but the government should come out of the state of denial.

Khawaja Izharul Hassan (MQM) said in Indian Thar situation is far better than Pakistani Thar. Thar should be declared as a desert park like Rajasthan. It tourism and culture should be supported.

Dr Sagheer Ahmed (MQM) said the one third of the health budget of Sindh is being given to PPHI (People’s Primary HealthCare Initiative Sindh)  for many years that is being run by an NGO. There is no accountability of PPHI, but no one is asking why an NGO is being given so much favor. Tell the people who is running this NGO as its performance is dismally poor, he asked.

Sharjeel Inam Memon (PPPP) said this is a serious issue. The government has installed a lot of reverse osmosis (RO) plants in Thar and more are being installed. We are ready to give a briefing on our performance.

Jam Mahtan Dahar (PPPP) said there should be more focus on primary health sector, but the performance of PPHI is satisfactory.

Dr Sikandar Ali Mandhro (PPPP) said there is poverty in Thar because there is no agriculture, industry or trade there.

MQM MPA Muhammad raised a point that the speaker rejected a privilege motion filed for him while ignoring a constitutional article. However, the deputy speaker chairing the sitting said she would not allow any comment on the ruling of speaker. On this some members of MQM stood on their seats to protest, but later they sat down.

An adjournment motion filed by Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh of PML-F was rejected by the chair as out of order. The mover wanted to discuss the issue of deaths of people in Sindh due to use of poisonous wine.

As the proceedings of the house began, the members showed extreme concern on fatal bus and truck collision near Khairpur and demanded that the poor conditions of roads in Sindh should be improved to save lives of innocent people.

However, an important adjournment motion of Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Maher (PML-F) was again deferred to Friday.

The chair adjourned the house till Friday, November 15, 2014, 10:00am.

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