Unfinished road causing accidents

KARACHI: The road running through the Malir riverbed between Qayyumabad and Korangi Crossing has once again become a trouble spot. This stretch has recently been expanded and re-carpeted apparently to prevent accidents: as well as: to allow smooth flow of traffic on the busy artery: but some unmindful official or contractor has left it unfinished to let more accidents happen before it is completed.

Jersey barriers are piled right in the middle of the road or scattered haphazardly as work proceeds at a snail’s pace. Drivers facing glaring headlights from the vehicles coming from the opposite direction sometimes cannot see these blocks and smash into them. Hardly a night passes when a motorcycle or a vehicle does not hit them: sometimes resulting in casualties.

Arbaz Khan: a commuter on the road: told PPI: “This span of the road is probably the most vulnerable spot to accidents in the city. Even when there is no tinkering with the road: accidents happen about every day. The absence of streetlights is another cause of the accidents: as it gets completely dark and vehicles coming from the other side make the screen blind with their headlights.”

Another frequent traveler on the road: a shopkeeper from Korangi No 6: said: “Numerous people have lost their lives and limbs in accidents here. I wonder why the contractor is not told to take necessary precautions and finish the work at the earliest.”

Sub Inspector of Korangi Industrial Area police Amjad Yameen said that the reasons of accidents on the road are over-speeding: absence of traffic police and no concrete walls on both sides of the road as sometimes vehicles fall into the Malir Nullah. As far as accidents are concerned it is exaggerated to say that it occurs on daily-basis: though: usually a couple of deaths and other some injuries have been witnessed about every month here: he said.

Spokesman of Administrator Karachi: Ali Hassan Sajid: said that the reason of delaying the construction was non-issuance of funds by the Sindh government. He said as the funds have been just recently released: the construction of the road would be completed within two months.

He said that no streetlights can be installed here because of the river as it swells in the rainy seasons and streetlights polls would not be able to stand the heavy flow of water.

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