Water shortage becomes most burning issue of Karachi

Karachi: A serious water crisis just in the beginning of summer in Karachi needs no other proof of the criminal ignorance of the rulers to solve the basic issues of Karachiites. The nexus of corrupt water board employees and tanker mafia is minting money at the cost of hapless citizens of Karachi who face immense problems to get water even for drinking purpose.

Ruling parties who have ruled this city for decades have not given the Karachiites even water to quench their thirst, said Usman Moazzam, general secretary of Pasban e Pakistan, and candidate for by-polls on NA-246, Karachi. He said like the whole city, his constituency is also ‘dry’ and people have to purchase water from the tanker mafia on neck-breaking rates. He said it is open secret that the corrupt bosses of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) sell major portion of the water of the city to the tanker mafia and the citizens have no option but to buy this water from this mafia on whatever rate they demand. He said the citizens of Karachi believe that this water shortage is artificial aimed at to benefit only the water tanker mafia and their political patrons.

He said that after his election he would try his best to end the shortage of potable water for good and every house of his constituency would get potable water regularly.

Usman Moazzam said the rulers have not taken serious efforts to build new water reservoirs. He said in Thana Bola Khan area near Karachi new water storage dams could be built where the water of torrential rains could be collected and supplied to Karachi. He said in rainy months some big and small seasonal rivers overflow in this area and their ample water could be easily stored.

He said he lives in the NA-246, Karachi, permanently, while the three other main candidates would return back to their homes after the polls that are in other constituencies and they cannot serve the people of this area. He said these candidates would be enjoying sipping cool mineral water in their bungalows and villas when the poor people of NA-246 would wander in streets in hot season to arrange a jug of water for their thirsty children. He said this mineral water class politicians are not concerned how the acute shortage of potable water is affecting the voters of NA-246.

He demanded of the Sindh minister of local government and managing director of KWSB to visit the NA-246 and assess the horrible water shortage in this area and take emergency based steps to solve the water shortage problem. He said Pasban would hold a protest rally in which the angry voters would break the empty earthen water pots (Matikas) on streets.

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