Facilitating exporters sought for goods replacement

Karachi: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has invited the attention of the ministry of commerce (MoC) to the difficulties faced by the exporters for replacement of defective goods to the overseas buyers and urged the MoC to look into the matter and refrain the authorities from ridiculing the exporters for the mistake.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said that the custom authorities are making it an issue and indulging in unnecessary probing and making the exporter feel small by raising questions as to why the defect occurred and emphasizing on the fact that it calls for a penalty.

He said despite the fact that the Export Policy Order and the S.R.O 192(I) 22013 is very clear and under the heading Export cum Import paragraph 2 reads as under “Customs authorities shall allow Pakistani exporters to replace the exported goods found defective as per terms of sale contract subject to furnishing of- (a) a copy of contract; and (b) a communication from the buyer detailing the goods that have been found to be defective.”

Thaver regretted that it is obvious that the goods exported have been found defective and therefore call for a replacement and the defect is due to some mistake and human error and it is in fact a good policy to replace the goods which are not as per contract and to the entire satisfaction of the buyer.

Sometimes there are defects in packing, polishing and processing due to lack of quality control and supervision. As long as the exporter due to the guarantee given under the contract is willing to replace the goods as permitted in the trade policy and the relevant S.R.O the custom authorities should abide by the export policy order and facilitate the exporter to clear the returned goods and also ship the replacement without hassle.

It is reported that some rice exporters whose cargo has been returned are facing difficulties in the clearance of the cargo and are put to hardships despite the trade policy order which permits them to replace the cargo.

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