Gulfam fish farming season near ending

KARACHI: Director Fisheries Department Sindh, Ghulam Mujtaba Wadheer, on Thursday urged fish farmers to get seeds (baby fish) of Gulfam fish as its farming season is about to end.

He said that season for farming Gulfam fish started from 1 March and it would end in the mid of April, so those farmers who did not get the seeds yet, should get them as soon as possible.

He said that the farmers can get the seeds from his department’s fish farms located in Thatha, Badin, Sukkur and Larkana with a price of Rs 1 per baby fish.

He said that Gulfam fish had two unique qualities; contrary to other kind of fish, as it also gives eggs in stationary water so the farmers need only one time to buy it, while it grow to about 2.5 kg within a year, ie about 1 kg more than other kind of fish.

Farmers should prefer getting the seeds only from the government farms as they have pure seeds while the seeds got from sea or river have some mixture due to which it does not fully benefit the farmers.

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