Indian journalists team visits PPP Media Cell Sindh

KARACHI: A 13-member delegation of the Indian journalists visited Media Cell Sindh. The delegation was received and welcomed at PPP Media Cell Sindh by Advisor to PPP Chairman for Minority Surrender Valasai, MNA Ramesh Lal, MPA Dr Lal Chand PPP Media Cell Incharge Fida H Dhakan, Imtiaz Faran and Journalists.

The delegation was headed by Sudipta Sengupta, held talks with PPP parliamentarians, Surrender Valasai, PPP Media Cell Incharge Fida Hussain, MNA Ramesh Lal, Dr Lal Chand, Gul M. Jhakrani, Sadia Javed, Dr Sohrab Sarki, Imtiaz Faran. The meeting continued in a cordial environment for over two hours during which discussed the bilateral talks between Pakistan and India in detail. Fida Hussain Dhakan said that also informed the Indian delegation that PPP plays an important role for rights of minority. PPP Parliamentarian and Karachi journalists gives Sindh Ajrak to every delegation give lunch in honour to them.

Advisor to Chairman for minority Surrender Velasai says that desired better relations with India and exchange of cultural and trade could promote contacts between the two countries. Dr Ramesh said that Pakistan and India should resolve their disputes through sincere dialogue in the interest of progress, development and for a durable peace in the region. MPA Dr Lal Chand said during meeting that wars had given nothing but problems and devastation to the two countries.

The delegation visited different sections of the media cell Secretariat and the media centre. MNA Gul Mohammad Jhakrani, Shams Kerio, Fazil Jameeli, Arshad Khokhar, Mohd Baloch and other are also present.

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