Malir villagers stage demo, sit-in and block road against reti-bajri mafia

Karachi: A large number of people from different villages of Malir took out rally, held demonstration and staged sit-in blocked the road passing through the Malir River bed on Tuesday to protest against mafia involved in illegal excavation of Reti Bajri (gravel and sandstones) from the river that has caused decline of subsoil water level damaging the cultivation of crops and vegetables.

The Malir area is known as green zone of Karachi that supplies fresh vegetables to the city. The crops are cultivated through tube-wells. During the rainy season the subsoil water level rises as the sand absorbs rainwater however the illegal excavation hinders this natural process.

The protestors, led by Jam Sohail, notable of the area, said the government had imposed ban under Section 144 on excavation of Reti Bajri but the Mafia continues to violate the ban in connivance of police.

Recently, the mineral department has also awarded contract to someone for excavating the reti-bajri, which is also illegal, they alleged.

The protestors pelted stones on the reti-bajri trucks passing from there due to which a number of drivers fled leaving the trucks behind.

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