Need stressed to raise awareness against Thalassaemia

KARACHI: Help International Welfare Trust on Wednesday emphasized upon the need of raising awareness in society about Thalassaemia so that the deadly disease could be controlled in the country.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Kamran Ahmad, Executive Director and spokesman of the Trust, said that according to statistic of Sindh government, there were approximately nine million people in Pakistan who had Thalassaemia major or minor, while the number of these people was increasing with the passage of time due to lack of awareness among general Public regarding that disease.

He said that Thalassaemia major is the disease which has no treatment. “It is transmissible disease, which could be eliminated only by spreading awareness in masses. Many countries of the world, including Turkey and Thailand have eliminated it by spreading awareness among their people,” he said.

He further said that when two persons having Thalassaemia minor get married, their children have a risk of Thalassaemia major and ratio of this risk was 25% while by stopping marriages of Thalassaemia minors to each other this deadly disease could be eliminated.

“By an easy and cheap blood test, called Haemoglobin Electrophoresis, one can find where he is in Thalassaemia minor or not,” he said and urged the government to implement the law of mandatory Thalassaemia test before marriage.

He said that Help International Welfare Trust was commemorating year 2014 as highlighting awareness year among society against Thalassaemia and during this campaign they would organize lectures, seminars, cricket tournaments, poets gatherings, quiz, fun fairs, and other programs in different schools, colleges and universities in Karachi, while banners and signboards would also be displayed across the city.

He urged government, civil society, corporate sector and media to join hands with them against Thalassaemia major and play their due role in spreading awareness among the people about it.

Founder Chairman of Trust Arif Ali, President Adil Ahmad Khan and Senior Vice Chairman Abdul Rauf Tabani were also present on the occasion.

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