PMA concerned at proposed formation of HEC Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Karachi, has shown concern over the proposed formation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Sindh despite its existence at federal level.

“It will only produce confusion in higher education in Sindh province. The idea of HEC Sindh is not acceptable as it seems that provincial government is acting without proper consultation and understanding of situation for the vested interest group,” PMA said.

PMA is also concerned about the news that a chancellor of a private university was nominated as the chairman of proposed HEC in Sindh. It is disturbing to know that Sindh government is appointing a chancellor of a private university with ambiguous qualifications. “Even if the government wants to have a provincial HEC, the nomination of chairman suggest stat government is not serious and sincere about proposed body and education, which is already deteriorating.”

The nomination of the chairman without merit is against all the rules and regulation and it will further destroy and decay the education system.

PMA strongly believed that all appointments in education sector should be done on merit as per rules and regulation. If the government passes a law about HEC Sindh and appoint a chairman without merit, the PMA Karachi will knock the doors of judiciary against this decision.

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