Sara Loren roped in as female lead with Tahaa Shah for ‘Barkhaa’

KARACHI: Raunchy Sara Loren has been signed for playing a female lead opposite Taaha Shah in the Indian flick Barkhaa being produced under Zahara Productions.

Chiselled beauty, Sara Loren, is too excited about doing the title role in Barkhaa and her presence in the film will definitely add degrees to the heat.

“I am here because I am passionate about films so I am going to try my hand at every kind of role and to bring out my best to stay much longer in the city of dreams. I love to work with anybody who comes with fresh ideas and are inspired enough to carry them through in their films.”

She said, “The script of Barkhaa is close to my heart as it depicts the various shades of a woman. This role as an actor gives me a platform to be versatile.”

“In life, we all fall in love and tend to change thereafter. The best thing about love is that it is effective. The film narrates the story of a boy who falls in love with a girl and how his life changes after that and how the girl’s life changes because of his love,” Sara told the scribes at the launch of the film.

Barkhaa is a beautiful and sensitive real life emotional love story, written by Lawrence J John and directed by Shadaab Mirza. The film conveys a strong social message and clearly caters to the youth though it resonates with every age group and socio-economic background. Amusingly raunchy script revolves around the mannerism and personality of Barkhaa, the title role played by Sara Loren.

Sara Loren, who was seen in the movie Murder 3, is all set to win the hearts of the cinegoers with her fatal charm and starry performance as Barkhaa in the film. Great actress of her generation, Sara Loren loves challenges and is prepared to translate critical plaudits into box office love.

Shadaab Mirza marks his debut as a feature film director with Barkhaa. He has won many accolades for his short film ‘Mumbai’ which went to Cannes and won multiple awards at various festivals across the globe. Shadaab quipped, “I believe in cinema that is rooted in reality, which is why I chose Barkhaa as my first full length film.”

Shot on beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai, Barkhaa boasts of a decent cast including actors like Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shweta Pandit and Mr. Puneet Issar. The music of the film by Amjad Nadeem has been already recorded.

Music score is done by Amjad Nadeem and the song Also mention songs sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal

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