Sharmila seeks full suspension of railway transport to save people

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Sharmila seeks full suspension of railway transport to save people

March 29, 2020

KARACHI:Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Leader Ms Sharmila Farooqui said on Sunday that in view of the reservations from the Sindh, the federal government’s decision to withdraw the notification issued for international flight resumption is a welcome move, but it is also mandatory to fully suspend railways transport in the country to save the people as the social distancing is must to fight coronavirus.

“The withdrawal of international flight resumption decision is a good step because people from different countries are coming Pakistan with virus. It will also help stop the coronavirus along with other measures,” she said in a statement today.

She said that railway stations in the provinces are still open that could cause virus among the people, so they should be shut immediately. “Coronavirus is dangerous deadly disease, so we have to take precautionary measures from all sides to control it, and this will be able when the federal government will take all the provinces, including Sindh, on board while taking decisions pertaining to virus control,” she said.

“We need social distancing because it slows the spread of the coronavirus disease to manageable levels. When that happens, we can move to a more sustainable mitigation strategy. But we’ll need to be careful,” she said.

She said: “Since inception of virus reports in the country, Sindh government was first to take hectic precautionary measure and impose lockdown to save the people of Sindh, including Karachi. Karachi is economic hub of the country where people from all the provinces are residing for business purposes and earning livelihood, therefore, special care is being made to save the economic hub of the country.”

She asked the people to cooperate with the government efforts being made to control the virus and ensure staying at homes with children. The outing must be avoided except purchasing necessary goods from the shops.

Sharmila asked the federal government to initiate a full-fledged awareness campaign against the coronavirus in consultation with all the provincial governments. She asked the people to ensure social distancing for their good. The children and old persons must be cared fully as they are vulnerable to the virus exposure. There is need to learn from China methods of controlling the virus in Wuhan city.

She informed that social distancing in the workplace include stop shaking hands to greet others, hold meetings via video conferencing or phone call, put off large meetings to a later date, hold essential meetings outside in the open air if possible, disinfect surfaces that many people touch, limit food handling and sharing of food in the workplace, avoid non- essential travel, promote strict hygiene among food preparation staff and their close contacts.

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